What kind of world do you want to wake up in tomorrow?

I am here to help you create it.

Our world needs aware and responsible businesses and individuals, emphatic leaders, long-term thinking and innovative solutions. We have started shifting towards all of that, but we still have a long way to go. My mission is to help facilitate that shift by applying a broad set of skills and experience from the United Nations as well as the private sector. I believe that an optimistic future is ours to create. This is my way of contributing to a better future in a structured yet creative way.

Because life is too precious to wait.

Let's boost sustainability together!

My focus is on developing organisations and individuals to enable a sustainable, prosperous and equal future for us and coming generations. This is done in several ways. Which one meets your needs? If you don't find what you look for, reach out to see if we can come up with a smart approach together. If there is a will, there is a way.

Send me a message below to book an introduction. I look forward to meeting you!

Inspiring and guiding inner development 

Working with you, your leaders or your team to help you get inspired and develop on a personal level, using the Inner Development Goals framework as well as powerful inner work techniques. Grow into the amazing authentic individual you are and become a positive force to help shift our world towards a sustainable and optimistic future.
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Inspirational keynotes & lectures
  • Interactive workshops
  • Customized programmes
  • Personal effectiveness & efficiency

Business transformation & change leadership

Supporting your organisation to make an impact over time. Leading change, creating genuine engagement and value without waste - constantly taking responsibility for a more sustainable future.
  • Change leadership
  • Capability development
  • Project / programme management
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Innovation leadership
  • Interim leadership work

Executive facilitation & moderation

Helping you to plan and deliver truly impactful and engaging business meetings and events, using well proven facilitation techniques boosted by creativity and structure.
  • Executive facilitation of business meetings with customers, partners and/or leadership teams
  • Creative workshops with impactful tools like Design thinking, Lean etc.
  • Event moderation and facilitation
  • Enabling effective and efficient internal meetings

What others say

rebecca pryce

Innovation Specialist, United Nations (UNOPS)

Sarah has bundles of energy and always brings vibrancy to the room. I have witnessed Sarah's ability to build trusting relationships across the innovation ecosystem and within the United Nations. She has strong experience in the facilitation of workshops and is an excellent and genuine public speaker. I appreciated Sarah's leadership style and her ability to get results, even during times of uncertainty.

sanna wigg

Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Therapist. Currently Change Leader at Lantmännen.

Sarah truly is a transformative leader with excellent project management and leadership skills. She is a warm hearted person with a brilliant creative mind who has a rare ability to collaborate with people at all levels, making people feel seen and engaged. She is a remarkable facilitator and can turn problems into opportunities in the most difficult moments. I can strongly recommend her to positions requiring a strong change agent with the capacity to lead new innovations and people.


Both Rebecca and Sanna have worked closely together with me. You will find additional recommendations on my LinkedIn page.

About me
- Sarah Emond

Establishing and leading an innovation centre for the United Nations taught me about sustainability, cross-sectoral collaboration and how to generate a lot from a little. 11 years in various leadership roles at Tetra Pak helped me develop into an experienced leader and facilitator with a global perspective and a versatile toolbox. Growing up in a family business taught me to take responsibility and how to run a business. ~10 years of dedicated inner work with my powerful mentor Karin Boucher helped me grow into an aware individual and a truly emphatic and communicative leader.

I turn complexity into clarity, passivity into energy, strategy into action. I enjoy exploring and impacting the big picture, but also drilling down to details where needed. I balance structure with creativity, brains with heart. I believe in collaboration, clarity, sustainability and having fun at work. I am a senior leader who loves creating new approaches / operating models / experiences / … , utilizing my experience, strong facilitation skills, creativity and high energy to make a difference.

I choose to work with people and organisations that sincerely wants to contribute to a better future. It doesn't matter if that work hasn't started yet, then I am here to help make it happen!


If you want to learn more about what I have done so far, please read about my latest roles and key deliverables below. In addition, you are welcome to see my full resume with deliverables, education, certifications and recommendations on LinkedIn.

education & certifications
  • M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Product Development & Design

  • Coach & Instructor
  • Communicative Leadership & Personal Development
  • Ignite Innovation – Design Thinking
  • Project Management – ready for PMP Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Expert
United Nations – UNOPS

In the role of Centre Manager I was responsible for establishing Sweden’s Innovation Centre from scratch, including all needed capabilities;

  • Creating an incubator programme, supporting and accelerating carefully selected startups from all over the world who are working with solutions able to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.
  • Establishing an engaged members community facilitating active sustainability focused collaboration across sectors (private / public / academia).
  • Creating vital processes and methods on the job, becoming a best practise for other centres abroad.
  • Designing and running impactful workshops and events, both physical and digital, truly engaging the community and startups.
  • Building a small but brilliant and capable team making it all happen.

Tetra Pak - Customer Innovation centres

I managed the Swedish flagship centre and was then promoted to establish and lead a global function working with all the centres around the world to level up capabilities and performance towards a true world class level.

  • Lead transformation from support function to business partner.
  • The team’s efforts were soon recognized by ABPM with the Momentum Award, for being on a fast track to achieving a world class level of excellence.
  • Leveling up the team’s facilitation skills, achieving more dynamic and impactful customer meetings.
  • Initating, creating and implementing an impactful facilitation model for the largest customer event in the history of Tetra Pak – Inside Tetra Pak.


As a Senior Project Manager I managed and participated in global change programmes, transforming the global service organisation to a business in it’s own right. Driving efficient development of service capabilities required by the Tetra Pak Technical Service organisation (3.400 employees worldwide) to meet the strategic goals. This included;

  • Managing strategy implementation and change management in the 500+ global Technical Support & Quality organisation, including communication, engagement, stakeholder management and coaching of the project managers.
  • Leading the global development of Technical Key Account Management capabilities (people, process and tool aspects) with the objective of driving profitable service sales to grow the service business. Increasing Selling Services maturity from 38 to 56% in 1,5 years, exceeding targets in all clusters.
  • Establishing working structure and engagement model involving the 200+ TKAM colleagues globally with e.g. bi-monthly communication sessions being the main channel between the TKAM Function and other functions globally, focusing on change deployment and share & learn, reaching a wide audience outside the intended target group.
  • Establishing and implementing an annual planning cycle for all operational planning & execution work including a clear link between the business strategy, objectives and operational plans.

Key frameworks to use as
inspiration and guidance

The most important to do list ever. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. We are now half way through without seeing enough progress, so let's step up our game!

This is a foundation for building a strong and future-proof strategy for any company or organisation.


An impactful and much needed complement to the SDGs. Science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. 

A global movement for bringing the power of inner development to all global challenges faced by humanity.  It is the greatest possible accelerator to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and create a prosperous future for all humanity. 

Because it all starts with you and me.


I look forward to hearing from you!